About Fr. Noah Bushelli


Father Noah Bushelli, an archpriest in the Antiochian Archdiocese, is grateful to be married to a living saint, Kh. Elizabeth, who homeschools their nine children. Father was baptized into the Orthodox Church in 1994 at St Peter and Paul, in Ben Lomond, CA.  After graduating from University of Alaska Anchorage with a B. Ed. in 2000, they moved to St. Vladimir's Seminary where he graduated with an M. Div. in 2004 with his thesis exploring St. John Chrysostom's notion of the Church as a Spiritual Hospital. He was ordained to the holy diaconate on Christmas 2002 and the holy priesthood on St Peter and Paul day 2003. After serving St. Nicholas in Bridgeport, CT for three years he moved to St. Philip in Souderton, PA in 2006, where he is the pastor. He is grateful to raise his family in this warm, generous, faithful and vibrant community and is working very hard to meet the demands of active parish life and not forget "the one thing needful". He is the founding director of the Department of Homeschooling of the Antioichian Archdiocese. He is lead catechist and spiritual advisor of St. Raphael School and is excited to share his love for God and the Church with the students and stretch his teaching skills into cyberspace. Knowing that he is insufficient for all of these holy tasks, he thanks you for your prayers for him, his family, his parishioners, his students and all homeschooling families! Glory to God that even a donkey like Fr Noah could contribute positively to the life of the Church!

Fr. Noah Bushelli is scheduled to speak at the St. Emmelia West Conference in November 2018. His presentations are as follows:


Why Homeschooling is a Good Choice

The Homeschool Dad Panel: How Dads Can Be Supportive