Our Religious Affiliation

Today St. Kosmas Aitolos Orthodox Homeschool Community is a non-profit organization seeking to provide educational and spiritually enriching events for Orthodox homeschool families. We are a growing community from multiple canonical jurisdictions, who wish to connect with other Orthodox Christians who are on the journey of homeschooling.

It is our desire for St. Kosmas Aitolos Orthodox Homeschool Community to be strongly pan-Orthodox, reflecting the fullness of the Orthodox faith and life as experienced throughout the Church. Currently the demographics of the St. Kosmas Homeschool Community for 'jurisdiction affiliation' are as follows:  Greek 33%, Antiochian 31%, OCA 18%, ROCOR 8%, Romanian 5%, Serbian 2%, Jerusalem 2%, Bulgarian <1%, Carpatho-Russian <1%.  (Please note: this does not represent the ethnic demographics, but the 'jurisdiction affiliation' demographics.)

While we are not under any one bishop or jurisdiction, it is our goal to work closely with local clergy from various canonical jurisdictions in the areas where we are hosting events, and to have the clergy be involved in any event that incorporates teaching about the Orthodox Faith and Life. Currently 7% of the families signed up as 'members' of St. Kosmas Homeschool Community are clergy families, actively serving in canonical Orthodox jurisdictions in the United States. 

The articles, resources, and materials provided by St. Kosmas Aitolos Homeschool Community will be developed under the supervision of local canonical clergy. We encourage all associated groups to also work closely with their own clergy as they decide how best to educate their own children, including the use of resources and support we provide.